EthOss® Degranulation Kit


EthOss Degranulation Kits are designed to remove degranulation tissue and debris from a site prior to grafting, ensuring the graft material can be placed in direct contact with healthy host bone and reducing the risk of failure.

The kits contain 4 burs of different sizes, each with large diamond cutting edges designed to “polish” the bone – aggressively removing all soft tissues without damaging the surrounding bone.

The burs are reusable up to 100 times making them a worthwhile investment for any implantologist.

Why Choose Special Degranulation Burs?

Effectively preparing a site for grafting is a key part of the procedure – any remnant degranulation tissue can have a significant impact on the body’s ability to regenerate new host bone, causing infection and/or graft failure.

It is vital that any graft material is placed in direct contact with the surrounding host bone. EthOss Degranulation Burs are highly effective at removing all soft tissues from the site whilst maintaining the integrity of the surrounding healthy bone, complementing the use of traditional hand curettes and making a critical part of the grafting process simpler and quicker.

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EthOss® Degranulation Kit
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1mm bur
2.5 mm Bur
3 mm Bur
3.5 mm Bur
Bur block
Cleaning brush


  • Reusable: Up to 100 times
  • Recommended speed: 800-1200 rpm

Cleaning Instructions and full specifications are available in the Instructions For Use.

Learn more about the different types of burs available by reading Our Definitive Guide to Dental Burs.

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