Miratray Implant Impression Tray


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Intro Kit, 6 x Trays, 1 of each size. Ref: 101250
£39.60 £33.00
Miratray S1 (Upper, Small), 6pcs. Ref: 101251
£39.60 £33.00
Miratray S2 (Upper, Medium), 6pcs. Ref: 101252
£39.60 £33.00
Miratray S3 (Upper, Large), 6pcs. Ref: 101253
£39.60 £33.00
Miratray L1 (Lower, Small), 6pcs. Ref: 101254
£39.60 £33.00
Miratray L2 (Lower, Medium), 6pcs. Ref: 101255
£39.60 £33.00
Miratray L3 (Lower, Large), 6pcs. Ref: 101256
£39.60 £33.00

The Miratray Implant Impression Tray is a universal disposable impression tray for implant impression and is used instead of an individual tray. It is suitable for dentulous and edentulous jaws. The transparent special foil at the tray bottom simplifies the selection of the tray size and the correct fit. Miratray Implant impression trays do not have to be adapted individually in the area of the abutments as the foil is simply pierced while impression taking. The foil then lies exactly against the abutments and overflow of the impression material is avoided, which guarantees a fast, clean and precise implant impression.

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