PDT Gracey 13-14 Micro Mini


The ergonomic benefits of PDT's Amazing GraceyTM with great tactile sensitivity and lightweight handle, now in micro-mini!

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Area-specific Micro-Mini Graceys patterned after PDT's Amazing GraceyTM curettes for perfect adaptation and control. The blade is 20% thinner and half the blade length of standard Graceys, with an extended terminal shank.

Made for adaptation in extremely narrow pockets and furcations. No tissue distention because the micro-mini blade immediately adapts to the tooth surface, without torque on clinician's hand or wrist.

PDT instruments are innovated with the most ergonomic and lightweight handles, providing comfort with less hand fatigue and pinch, reducing the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. PDTs ultralight solid resin handle has extended knurling and is anatomically colour coded. Superior tactile sensitivity and ergonomic comfort. 

Sharpen less with PDTs highest quality 440a stainless steel harder, sharper blades. The instruments last 2-7 times longer than competitors'. 

At only 13 grams, PDT has the lightest and most tactile sensitive instrument on the market. 

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