PDT Montana Jack Posterior Sickle Scaler


Technically a posterior sickle scaler with exceptional interproximal access but also exhibits excellent adaptation in the anterior.

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PDT Montana Jack

The MONTANA JACK (Clark) scaler is GREAT for posteriors. This scaler is narrower than typical scalers with 3-dimensional contra-angled sweeps, allowing you not only great anterior access but terrific posterior access without having to distend the patient's cheeks as you do with so many traditional posterior sickles. The Montana Jack's® sharp and durable blade provides convenient interproximal access with its very thin sickle blade. The perfect contra-angle for the most universal adaptation of all instrument designs. The Montana Jack is adaptive throughout the anatomy, accessing lingual, mesial, distal and anterior regions.

  • The one and only Montana Jack® sickle scaler is ultra-light, thinner, tougher, harder, sharper and still unmatched!
  • Has the perfect contra-angle for the most universal adaptation
  • The very thin, sharp and durable blade provides convenient interproximal access
  • Practitioners report it accesses throughout the posterior with less ergonomic stress and more comfort for the patient

PDT's thinner, sharper and harder blades last longer due to our unique process of heat treatment and cryogenics that produces a uniform molecular grain structure in the steel. This also translates to more durability and a reduction in the sharpening time required.

The ergonomically designed handle is solid resin. Weighing in at only 13 grams it makes PDT instruments some of the lightest on the market, and the comfortable large diameter handle has extended knurling for superior control and greater manoeuvrability that allows for the ultimate tactile sensitivity.

Category:Scalers & Curettes
Colour:Sunshine Yellow

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Carly Longbottom
100% of 100
Love all the instruments I simply love all the instruments especially my Montana jack (obviously) my Langers and the set of Graceys. But also in the correct area I love the queen of hearts! Carly Longbottom RDH
Vicki Glover
100% of 100
Tick all the boxes! As a busy hygienist and buying my own instruments, I have to reach a delicate balance. They need to be affordable, durable, light weight and produce a lovely smooth surface. PDT tick all these boxes. Vicki Glover RDH
Ellie Steel
100% of 100
Light and easy to use I was first introduced to PDT instruments when I was at Uni, we had a talk about the product and the range available and we were each given a free Montana Jack to use when we started working in practice. I used mine and loved it straight away, it is light and easy to use, the blades remain sharp (I haven't needed to sharpen any of my PDT instruments yet!!), I find them very tactile and the blades are angled to fit the tooth's surface exactly. I cannot praise them highly enough so for me it has to be a 5 star rating. Ellie Steel
J Allen
100% of 100
Great access I choose Montana Jack above the competition because it has a fine blade which allows for great access, and it has great tactile sensitivity through the handle and stays sharp. I find it is useful throughout the whole mouth. J Allen. RDH
Rachel Butler
100% of 100
Awesome for build up and stain removal The Montana jack has been my instrument of choice on every patient since graduation. It is awesome for build up and stain removal interproximally in the tiniest of spaces and stays sharp for a long time. We hammer them at our practice and can definitely say the boss gets his money's worth! I find the competitors blades are a bit chunkier and blunt quite that bit quicker, I was sold from day one! Rachel Butler, Self-Employed Hygienist & Therapist.
Justyna Kamecka
100% of 100
I really love the fact that you stock PDT instruments I really love the fact that you stock PDT instruments. Also shipping to my home address is an advantage as I work in different practices and like taking my favourite instruments with me. Thank you!!!
100% of 100
I can hand scale for much longer I love the handle on my PDT scaling instruments as I find the knurl pattern makes the instrument easier to hold and maintain a grip. The lightweight material means I can hand scale for much longer due to less operator fatigue, and also means no loss of tactile sensitivity that I have sometimes experienced from the more 'squishy' varieties of scaling instrument handles that I have tried in the past.
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