PenguinRFA MulTipegs


PenguinRFA MulTipegs are intuitively designed measuring devices for determining dental implant stability.

Intended for use with the PenguinRFA Monitor, each MulTipeg features a sealed magnet that, when scanned, will feedback the stability of an implant.

Why Choose PenguinRFA MulTipegs?

  • Available for all major implant systems
  • Reusable
  • Robust, durable titanium design
  • Autoclavable up to 20 times
  • ISQ standard calibrated
  • Tissue friendly
  • Cost-effective

Find the Right MulTipeg

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PenguinRFA MulTipegs

Crafted from titanium, PenguinRFA MulTipegs are lightweight and ultra-durable, making them both reusable and tissue friendly.

The RFA Technique

Resonance Frequency Analysis (RFA) was first introduced more than 20 years ago. A peg attached to an implant is excited and the vibration frequency is picked up by the instrument and displayed as an ISQ (Implant Stability Quotient) value between 1 and 99.

The Penguin RFA measures this resonance frequency which accurately reflects the stability of the implant.

PenguinRFA Osseointegration Monitor scanning MulTipeg

The ISQ value correlates strongly to the micro-mobility of the implant, which in turn depends on bone quality and osseointegration.

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