Q-Optics Prismatic TTL Dental Loupes

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Combining advanced materials with cutting-edge technologies has allowed Q-Optics to create the most lightweight and ergonomic prism dental loupe ever introduced.

Q-Optics Prismatic TTL Dental Loupes feature crystal clear, edge-to-edge clarity as well as a greatly expanded field of view. Each set of prismatic loupes is custom-built to your exact specifications, ensuring your optical performance is never compromised thanks to years of reliable performance.

Being expertly housed in machined titanium and shrouded in carbon fibre for extreme weight reduction allows the lenses and prisms to be perfectly aligned and affixed in a unique optical cage.

Each highly advanced loupe is set on a sleek, ultra-robust titanium frame capable of withstanding the day-to-day stresses of your practice. Comfort is also at the very heart of the design with silicone nose pads and arm tips incorporated to significantly increase all-day comfort.

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Q-Optics Prismatic TTL Dental Loupes

True-Fit™ Technology

We believe the fit of your dental loupes should be determined by more than just interpupillary distance. That’s why Q-Optics prismatic loupes are designed using True-Fit™ Technology.

By digitally capturing all your necessary facial features and frame fit characteristics, True-Fit™ Technology ensures a truly customise fit with no standard angles.

True-Fit Technology, exclusive to Q-Optics Loupes

Expanded Field of View

Q-Optics Prismatic TTL Dental Loupes feature a greatly expanded field of view and edge-to-edge clarity. Available in 3.5x, 4.0x or 4.5x magnification, each set of loupes is housed in a strong, waterproof titanium body, while carbon fibre shrouds provide extreme weight reduction without compromising optical performance.

Field of View8-10cm7-8cm4-5cm

Titanium and Carbon Housing

Housed in machined titanium for maximum strength and durability, prismatic loupes include a carbon fibre canopy. 

Q-Optics Loupes Titanium and Carbon Housing

Titanium Frame

Designed exclusively for Q-Optics, each pair of Prismatic TTL Dental Loupes is set on a sleek, durable titanium frame. The rigid frame front counteracts the product’s flexible temples to prevent the misalignment of the telescopes.

Q-Optics Titanium Frame

Soft-Flex Temples

For maximum comfort and durability, each set of prismatic loupes is fitted with ultra-flexible temples that don’t compromise the alignment of the telescopes. The design is finished with adjustable silicone ear pieces that ensure a custom fit around the ear.

Nose-Relief Design

Each pair of Prismatic loupes is fitted with super-soft silicone nose pads designed for enhanced comfort and long-term wear. Vented and oversized, all nose pads are easily interchangeable and available in several designs allowing you to find your perfect fit.

Q-Optics Vented Nose Pads

Anti-Fog Lenses

All Q-Optics Prismatic loupes include an anti-fog coating on the rear of the lenses to prevent fogging.

Q-Optics Dental Loupes Anti Fog Lenses

The key features of the Q-Optics Prismatic TTL Dental Loupes include:

  • True ergonomic customisation
  • True-Fit Digital Loupe Fit Technology
  • Pure titanium frame
  • Lightweight
  • Anti-Fog Lenses
  • Super-soft silicone nose pads
  • Waterproof telescopes
  • Scratch-resistant coating
  • Lifetime warranty

As well as being custom-made for your vision, we believe your loupes should also reflect your personality. That’s why we offer you a choice of three frames in 11 unique colour options.

We can even include your current prescription, if necessary.


Personalise your dental loupes by choosing from three exclusive Q-Optics frame styles.

Classic (Q-877)

Q-Optics Prismatic TTL Dental Loupes Classic Frame


Q-Optics Prismatic TTL Dental Loupes Eclipse-Ti

Revival (Q-877)

Q-Optics Prismatic TTL Dental Loupes Revival Frame


Customise your loupes by choosing one of 11 unique colour options.



You can now add prescription lenses to your dental loupes. Simply choose your frame design and add your prescription in one of two ways.

Eclipse frame – By including a completely removable prescription insert with your dental loupes, you can swap in and out when wearing contact lenses.

Changing prescription? You can easily upgrade your prescription at a time that suits you without the need to send us your loupes.

Q-Optics Prismatic Loupes Prescription Insert

Classic and Revival frame – Incorporate your single-vision or bifocal prescription directly into your dental loupes and avoid the need to switch eyewear mid procedure.

Q-Optics Virtual Try-On

You can now use the Q-Optics Virtual Try-On feature to test out our full range of loupes frames and barrels before your visit from our representative - try it out now!

*Available to use with webcam or on mobile/tablet.

Q-Optics Prismatic TTL Dental Loupes come complete with a lifetime warranty that ensures you’re fully supported should your system fail to perform as expected. If you do encounter a problem, simply contact our dedicated customer service team for support. 

Did you know, you can now pay for your Q-Optics loupes in affordable, easy-to-manage instalments? 

Thanks to our flexible payment plans, you can spread the cost of your loupes over the course of 12 months.

Contact our customer service team on 01535 656312 to discuss your payment options.

If you are interested in experiencing Q-Optics dental loupes for yourself, contact us to arrange your free, no-obligation demonstration with one of our specialists.

100% of 100
Impressive Quality Just received the new loupes and headlight. I ordered the Classic frame with prismatic loupes- and headlight. The whole package is very lightweight and the frame is incredibly comfortable to the extent I decided to swap my ordinary spectacles to one of the classic frames instead seeing how comfy they are. Swallow have been very good at communication throughout as well.
Bhavin Pitamber
100% of 100
Very impressed I received my new loupes recently - the prismatic type.The loupes are extremely lightweight and comfortable and the steep angle of declination has certainly reduced neck pain. The increased focal length (compared to my previous loupes) is also a welcome improvement. The customer experience and service from Swallow has been excellent and I have been reassured that if any amendments are required, they'll willingly oblige. Delighted!
Craig Dewdney BDS
100% of 100
First Class Product, First Class After- Care Inspired Confidence! I have had these loupes for 2 years now and they have been faultless. The optics are crystal clear, the loupes with the light are light weight and don't create any noticable nose bridge fatigue, the neck strap makes them feel secure and the light gives me over 2-3 days use. The after care though is second to none. Super friendly and professional, quick to respond and resolve any issues that arise. Not that I've had any really! Measuring up was great and the focal distance has saved my back. Cannot recommend these enough! (4.5x magnification)
Devan Pankhania
100% of 100
The Best Loupes you can buy! The Best Customer Care! The loupes are exceptional quality - best on the market and so light! Measuring up was great and any issues are sorted straight away. Joe really wants to provide the best service and his after care is unrivalled. Can't go wrong with the prismatics. Indulge even if your a first time buyer or an experienced dentist!
Aaliyah Dassu
100% of 100
Q-optics Excellent customer service, Lorraine came to my house for a demo and answered all my questions! Communication via email is excellent, immediate responses from the team! Loupes are lightweight and great quality, would definitely recommend!
100% of 100
Best career decision I've made so far... I can't imagine working without my loupes now! They've made my work so much easier and more comfortable. Amazing service from the Swallow Team also. Definitely recommend!
100% of 100
Outstanding service I have just recieved my newly serviced loupes and light back from Swallow. My communication with Leah from start to finish was exceptional and I couldn't recommend this company enough.
Melanie Cheung
100% of 100
Loupes Customer Experience It was very easy to arrange a meeting with Lorraine at Swallow Dental to see the loupes and the different magnifications. After ordering the loupes, the loupes were available 3 weeks later and the delivery date could be chosen to a date of my convenience. The Swallow Dental Staff were happy to answer my questions and concerns during the whole process of ordering my loupes through email and phone calls. I am also very pleased with the 3.5 prismatic loupes I ordered as I find them very light weight and I find that it greatly improves the work I do on clinics.
Anand Bahri
100% of 100
Loupes Customer Experience It was very easy for me to organise a meeting to see the loupes with Lorraine. The Swallow Dental team was very easy to contact and they were happy to answer any questions I had about their products. The loupes themselves are extremely lightweight yet feel sturdy. They have greatly improved my work so far. It was immediately obvious that the customer service provided by Swallow is top notch. As a student, they were very considerate by offering interest free payments. Thank you very much for all your help!
100% of 100
4.5X Loupes Fantastic loupes sold with excellent service and aftercare. Loupes arrived well before anticipated delivery date and the team are very helpful. Would highly recommend.
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