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With true ergonomic customisation at the very core of the design, Q-Optics Galilean TTL Dental Loupes are custom-built for the individual. This means there are no standard angles, widths, loupe heights or working distances – your Galilean loupes are as unique as you are.

By incorporating crystal-clear, high clarity optics with ultra-lightweight, cutting-edge technologies, each pair of bespoke loupes allows for precise working whilst maintaining a comfortable feel throughout the day. 

Q-Optics Galilean TTL Dental Loupes come fully equipped with anti-fog lenses and scratch-resistant, waterproof optics, ensuring years of reliable performance. Encased in robust, black acetate, TTL Loupes are set against a sleek, ultra-durable titanium frame capable of withstanding the day-to-day stresses of your practice.

Each system also features super-soft silicone nose pads and flexible arm tips for optimum comfort and a more secure fit.

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True-Fit™ Digital Loupe Fit Technology

Each pair of Q-Optics Galilean TTL Dental Loupes is carefully designed using True-Fit™ Digital Loupe Fit Technology.

By digitally capturing all your necessary facial features and frame fit characteristics, True-Fit™ Technology ensures a truly customise fit with no standard angles. This ensures the fit of your dental loupes is determined by more than just interpupillary distance.

Superior Image Quality

Specially designed to maximise resolution, Galilean TTL Dental Loupes feature multiple lenses and glass types. These combine to create an extra dense optical system that provides superior image quality.

Available in 2.5x, 3.0x and 3.5x magnification, loupes are housed in a strong, waterproof casing. Highly durable, each system is feather-light to avoid compromising optical performance.

MagnificationField of ViewWeight

Titanium Frame

Exclusively designed for Q-Optics, each pair of Galilean TTL Dental Loupes is expertly positioned on a sleek, durable titanium frame. The structure features a rigid front for enhanced stability and flexible temples that prevent the misalignment of the telescopes.

Q-Optics Galilean Loupes Titanium Frame

Soft-Flex Temples

Allowing for optimum comfort, each set of Galilean loupes is fitted with ultra-flexible temples that don’t compromise the alignment of the telescopes. The design is finished with adjustable silicone earpieces that provide enhanced stability and ensure a precise fit around the ears.

Q-Optics Galilean Loupes Soft-Flex Temples

Nose-Relief Design

All Galilean loupe systems are fitted with super-soft silicone nose pads designed to offer relief around the bridge, allowing for comfortable long-term wear. Vented and oversized, nose pads are easily interchangeable and available in several designs allowing you to find your perfect fit.

Q-Optics Galilean Loupes Nose-Relief Design

Anti-Fog Lenses

All Q-Optics Prismatic loupes include an anti-fog coating on the rear of the lenses to prevent fogging.

Q-Optics Galilean Loupes Anti-Fog Lenses

The key features of the Q-Optics Galilean TTL Dental Loupes include:

  • True ergonomic customisation
  • True-Fit Digital Loupe Fit Technology
  • Lifetime Guarantee on Titanium frames, optical seal, bond of telescope to frame, and cracking of the frame lens
  • Lightweight
  • Anti-Fog Lenses
  • Pure Titanium Frame
  • Soft silicone nose pads
  • Waterproof telescopes
  • Scratch-resistant coating

Each pair of Q-Optics Loupes are unique. That’s why we believe you should be able to customise your system to match your style and personality.

Choose from three frame styles in 11 unique colour options.

We can even include your current prescription, if necessary.


Personalise your dental loupes by choosing from three frame styles and 10 unique colour options.

Q-Optics Loupes Frame Designs


Customise your loupes by choosing one of 11 unique colour options.

Customise your loupes by choosing one of 10 unique colour options.

Add Your Prescription

You can now add prescription lenses to your dental loupes. Simply choose your frame design and add your prescription in one of two ways.

Eclipse frame – By including a completely removable prescription insert with your dental loupes, you can swap in and out when wearing contact lenses.

Changing prescription? You can easily upgrade your prescription at a time that suits you without the need to send us your loupes.

Q-Optics Galilean Loupes Prescription Insert

Classic and Revival frame – Incorporate your single-vision or bifocal prescription directly into your dental loupes and avoid the need to switch eyewear mid procedure.

Q-Optics Galilean Loupes In-built Prescription

Q-Optics Galilean TTL Dental Loupes come complete with a lifetime warranty that ensures you’re fully supported should your system fail to perform as expected. If you do encounter a problem, simply contact our dedicated customer service team for support. 

Did you know, you can now pay for your Q-Optics loupes in affordable, easy-to-manage instalments? 

Thanks to our flexible payment plans, you can spread the cost of your loupes over the course of 12 months.

Contact our customer service team on 01535 656312 to discuss your payment options.

If you are interested in experiencing Q-Optics Galilean TTL Dental Loupes for yourself, contact us to arrange your free, no-obligation demonstration with one of our specialists.

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Maria Goulden RDT
100% of 100
Wouldn't be without them I am very pleased with my loupes. The first full days I have worn them constantly and wouldn't be without them. I have recommended them to colleagues who currently are not wearing them. Excellent!
Georgia Karargyri
100% of 100
Amazing Service Thank you so much for the loupes- the service was amazing and I am so happy with the product! The whole experience was 5
Alison Redford
100% of 100
I'm dependent on them I am delighted with my loupes. They are very comfortable and I'm amazed at how I have become quite dependant on them. I find the light indispensable. I thought they would sit in a drawer but no, I use them every day. Alison Redford BDS
Alison Redford BDS
100% of 100
Very comfortable Loupes I am delighted with my loupes. They are very comfortable and I'm amazed at how I have become quite dependant on them and find the light indispensable. I thought they would sit in a drawer but no, I use them every day. Alison Redford BDS
Dr Chris Wood
100% of 100
Light, aesthetic and easy to use. I ve been using my Q-Optics loupes and light now since January I loved how light aesthetic and easy to use the system was and since then it has also proved to be extremely reliable The support from James has been exceptional when issues have arisen I m now looking Read More
Dr Rudra Mukherjee
100% of 100
Lightest and most comfortable on the market I found the Q-Optics loupes to be the lightest and most comfortable on the market and barely notice they're there, even after long procedures. They provide an excellent field of view. I have no hesitation in recommending them to dentists of any level of experience. Dr Rudra Mukherjee BDS
Dr Tush Enaker
100% of 100
I no longer suffer from a bad back I've been using loupes for a few years now and I cannot believe how much of a difference it makes to providing high quality treatment I could never go back to being without them but most importantly I no longer suffer from a bad back due to not having to Read More
Dr Wha-Choul Lee
100% of 100
No fuss warranty/guarantee Having previously used Optident loupes when the time came for a new set and after trialling various other brands I decided to buy Q Optic loupes I find them extremely light in weight and the appearance of it quite stylish I chose to have a light with it and even Read More
Gina Karargyri
100% of 100
Amazing Service Thank you so much for the loupes- the service was amazing and I am so happy with the product! The whole experience was 5
Jacqueline Simmons
100% of 100
Unbelievably Lightweight I would not work without my loupes now The magnification is great with the mini light and the loupes are unbelievably light-weight compared to other brands I looked at I would recommend these loupes to anyone and have already done so with some of my colleagues Jacqueline Simmons Harwood Dental Read More
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