Q-Optics Radiant Mini Wireless LED Light kit

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The Radiant mini wireless LED headlight provides a lightweight, flexible design with an even distribution of weight.

Offering a consistent, uniform light within your work area over the runtime of each battery, the cordless light operates with one simple touch.

Mounting and operating the system is simple and intuitive - power the light on and off with a simple touch of the logo area.

Run-time for each battery for your headlight is approximately 2.5 hours. each battery take approximately 1 hour 45 minutes to fully charge.

The light has an automatic low battery warning indicating 15-25 minutes of use remaining, and will also let you know if your battery is too low to function when you install it.

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Key Features

  • Touch control on/off
  • Lightweight design (28 grams)
  • Uniform, round spot and illumination
  • Brightness - 1050 foot candles
  • Fast charging USB-C (1 hour 45 mins per battery)
  • A fully charged battery will last approximately 20 days if stored on the headlight tray without use. If left out of the hold, the battery will last approximately 300 days.

Each Q-Optics Radiant Mini Wireless LED Kit includes:

  • Headlight with battery tray
  • 2 batteries
  • Power supply and USB-C cable
  • Anti-curing filter
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