Q-Optics Radiant Pure LED Loupes Light

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Providing illuminating focus right where it’s needed, the new Q-Optics Radiant Pure LED Loupes Light combines high-intensity brightness with edge-to-edge evenness, resulting in a large and defined light spot.

Designed for ultimate precision, the compact and lightweight dental loupes light allows for medium to long working distances and delivers low to high magnification so no area of the mouth is missed. Ten intensity levels allow for quick and accurate changes in brightness that can preserve the life of the battery which has a run time of up to 40 hours. 

The system features a large, central power button that allows for an easy on/off bump motion and battery level meter. Also included are a removable cable, as well as a quick disconnect-style mount allowing for simple attachment to any dental loupes model.

Lighten your life with the Q-Optics Radiant Pure LED Loupes Light.

Key Features

  • High-intensity light – Up to 100 Lumens / 47,000 Lux
  • 2-inch spot size (working at 10" distance)
  • Ultra-lightweight – 5.61 grams
  • Ten light intensity settings
  • Fits all loupes systems
  • Low battery indication light
  • Fast charging
  • Crisp, uniform working light
  • Cool to run

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Q-Optics Radiant LED Loupes Light

Designed to revolutionise the way you use your dental loupes, the Q-Optics Radiant Pure LED Loupes Light offers far more than meets the eye.

Ultralight Loupes Light

Dental loupes are designed to be ultra-lightweight; so why settle for a heavy loupes light?

With its sleek, compact design, the Radiant Pure LED Loupes Light is one of the lightest dental loupes lights on the market. Weighing in at just 5.61 grams, the ultralight system boasts a ‘barely noticeable’ feel when attached to the loupes frame. 

Illuminate Your Practice

By providing a consistent, uniform light with just one touch of a button, the Radiant Pure LED Loupes Light banishes the shadows and dark areas left behind by surgery lights. Choose from 10 intensity settings and a field of view that covers the whole mouth with a neutral colour temperature so no detail evades detection.

Longer-Lasting Battery

Designed to maintain constant intensity throughout 99% of its battery life, the light system runs on a super durable lithium-ion battery pack and is capable of up to 40 hours of run-time. This prolonged period of light offers plenty of time in which to complete any procedure without interruption. 

Each battery comes with a two-year warranty.

Clear Low Power Indication

When the battery charge is running low, the headlight – if in use - will alternate in intensity from bright to dim momentarily four or five times to indicate. This signals that the battery’s charge is critically low and needs to be charged immediately. The Battery Status LED will flash red every four seconds to indicate a critical battery level.

Intelligent Design

Ergonomic and easy to understand, the headlight system is controlled by the user-friendly interface on the battery pack.

Q-Optics Radiant Pure LED Mini Loupes Light Battery Pack

Turn the system on and off using the large central power button.

Q-Optics Loupes Radiant Pure Power Button

Monitor the light’s intensity using the Headlight Indicator.

Q-Optics Radiant Pure Battery power/light brightness

Check the status of the battery using the Battery button.

Q-Optics Loupes Radiant Pure Power

Quickly and easily alter the light intensity using the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons.

Q-Optics Loupes Radiant Pure plus button
Q-Optics Loupes Radiant Pure Minus Button

Closely monitor the battery level with a clear LED display. GREEN denotes charge is full enough to run the battery. RED implies the battery needs charging and may not run.

Q-Optics Loupes Radiant Pure Power Full
Q-Optics Loupes Radiant Pure Power Empty

Plug the power supply into the charging port located at the bottom of the battery pack.

Q-Optics Loupes Radiant Pure Charge Point

Heat Distribution

Unlike other LED Microsystems, the Q-Optics Radiant Pure LED Loupes Light does not heat up after long periods of use. The system safely removes heat from the areas of the light that are accessible to the user; this makes it safe to touch, even after long periods of use.

Easy to Clean

Easily clean the headlight using a dampened microfibre cloth, soap and water, taking care to not get water into the light or connections.

Do not submerge the headlight or battery pack in water.

Q-Optics Radiant Pure - Easy to clean

Order the Q-Optics Radiant Pure LED Loupes Light and you will receive:

  • 1x Loupes headlight
  • 1x Battery pack
  • 1x Power supply
  • 1x Anti-curing filter
  • 1x Spiral wrap
  • 1x Shirt clip
  • 1x Light cap
Q-Optics Loupes Radiant Pure Light - what's in the box
Headlight Weight:5.61 grams
Battery Weight:184.27 grams
Battery Type:Li-ion battery, 3.6 V

Battery Life:

  • Low intensity: 40+ hours
  • Medium intensity: 15 – 16 hours
  • High intensity: 8+ hours
Battery Charge Time:4.5 hours
Light Intensity:100 Lumens / 47,000 Lux
Spot Size:2.22 inches (at 10” working distance, high intensity)
Colour Temperature:5700K at 90 CRI

Our flexible payment plan ensures you can pay for your dental loupes light in manageable instalments. Contact our customer service team to discuss payment plan options.

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Very Bright & Lightweight Loupe Light I bought this last week to replace my old Q Optics light which I have been using for about years It is now much smaller due to the LED very bright with easy intensity adjustment Runs a full day on one charge and very cool to touch An excellent dental Read More
100% of 100
Pleasing addition to my loupes I bought this light to use with my existing loupes, the difference it makes is terrific. The fit to the frames was simple and I use the combination for all procedures. I have received good support from the team. Overall I highly recommend this dental light.
Ievgeniia Kotik
100% of 100
Cutomer service on the highest level Swallow dental supplies-the best company I ever dealt with. Costumers service on the highest level! Prompt and accurate communication, no delays with any orders. I would like to say a huge “Thank you!” to everyone who makes dentist's life easier! Guys, you are the best! Highly recommended!
Tracy Doole
100% of 100
Fantastic product The customer service and help I've received has been 5 star! The product is fantastic and has great battery life.
Tracy Doole
100% of 100
The Product is Fantastic The customer service and help I've received has been 5 star! The product is fantastic and has a great battery life.
Katherine Ooi
100% of 100
Excellent! To the whole team at SWALLOW DENTAL, Just to let you know that I have received the light cable today having just spoken to you on Friday. I would like to thank the entire team for such effective & speedy customer service. It's excellent!
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