EK Degranulation Kit

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Kit of 4 Burs for cleaning the soft tissue from the bone.



1- Socket debridement

2- Periodontal surgery:  Crown lengthening,  periodontal intrabony defect, debridement & inter-radicular cleaning, osteoplasty & root amputation.

3- Debridement of lesion after extraction –granulation tissue, periapical or periradicularlesion, etc...

4- Peri-implantitis-debridement and cleaning the granulation tissue around the threads and within the bone.

5- Drilling remnants of root fractures during extraction or permitting excess to remove periapical lesions with narrow sockets.

Once the tooth has been extracted, it is crucial to thoroughly debride the socket walls. This part of the procedure should not be rushed; each area within the extraction socket needs to be curetted and all residue periodontal ligament tissues removed from the socket walls. The main lesion debridement is best undertaken with a surgical spoon curette.The other remnants of soft tissue which are attached strongly to the bone cannot be removed manually so with the EK drills this task is accomplished. The full debridement -clean surface is achieved by EK drills. They help to remove all soft tissue from the socket walls and at the same time encourage bleeding (osteogenesis) which allowed osteoprogenitor cells to reach into the wounded area. Socket debridement constitutes a critical step in the site preservation technique. Failure to perform this step thoroughly can result in fibrous healing and poor graft consolidation within the socket, thereby potentially jeopardising subsequent dental implant healing(Michael Danesh-Meyer 2008).

EK drills are designed specifically to tear out all the remnants of soft tissue which are attached to the bone without harming the bone but quickly and effectively. The diamond burs are more precise and do not grab the bone. EK drills permit optimal debridement of the inflammatory tissue from the bone which cannot be removed manually by a surgical spoon curette because it is penetrating into the bone and it is firmly attached to it.

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