EthOss® Synthetic bone graft material

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A new paradigm in bone regeneration

EthOss® is the result of many years clinical experience with Guided Bone Regeneration in the dento-alveolar area.

The human body is amazing and wants to heal. So lets work with it by using fully bio-compatible materials to help true host regeneration.

EthOss® provides a stable scaffold that bio-absorbs. It provides an environment rich in phosphate and calcium ions. EthOss® is absorbed at the required rate to be replaced by new host bone.

This true regeneration leaves only host bone. The patient’s diseased or damaged tissue is returned to its original state for optimal support of both dentition and dental implants.


What is it?

  • Synthetic bi-phasic paste - simple syringe delivery system
  • Sets in vivo to provide a stable graft
  • Fast conversion to bone - biopsies show 50% bone at 12 weeks
  • No need for an additional collagen membrane
  • Fully replaced by the patient’s own bone
  • Does not suffer wash-out in bloody sites
  • Maintains long term bone volume


For all the latest EthOss® case studies and videos visit or the ethoss case studies facebook page, or keep up to date with all the EthOss® news on the EthOss® facebook page.

100% of 100

What is EthOss?

In technical terms EthOss is a biphasic matrix for true bone regeneration with a built in membrane for high graft stability.

We prefer to say that it is a material that will quickly and easily turn into bone to help speed along your procedures.


What is EthOss® made from?

Simply put, it's a mixture of β tri calcium phosphate and calcium sulphate.

It is a synthetic paste that sets in two phases to provide a stable graft in the shortest time possible that is fully replaced by your own bone.

EthOss®is completely free from any animal or human content.


How long will it take to heal?

EthOss® has been specifically designed to heal bone quickly.

In a typical case it can turn from it’s original paste state to bone in just 12 weeks!

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