PDT Queen of Hearts Curette


Highly adaptive throughout the anatomy, the PDT Queen of Hearts™ is a periodontal curette with a long, fine cutting edge for finishing and a completely smooth surface when root planing.

Capable of reaching furcations and difficult-to-reach root concavities, the 6mm cutting edge slides easily into deep pockets.

Why Choose the Queen of Hearts?

  • Finer finishing
  • Increased access
  • Unrivalled adaptation
  • Unique blade design
  • Improve patient comfort

For every Queen of Hearts™ purchased, PDT will donate to the American Heart Association.

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PDT Queen of Hearts Curette

Research has consistently shown that people with periodontal disease are twice as likely to suffer from cardiovascular/cerebrovascular disease. Hygienists are the first line of defence against such diseases.

The Queen of Hearts™ periodontal curette, with its long fine cutting edges for finishing and completely smooth surface for root planing, is the perfect tool for helping to bring your patient one step closer to better overall health.

Allowing increased access thanks to the longer reach of the blades, the Queen of Hearts aids in the removal of deposits left by non-overlapping strokes that other instrument designs fail to reach.

The instrument permits unrivalled adaptation from the buccal for the mesial furcations of the upper molars and especially on the mesial of the maxillary first bicuspid.

Unique in design, the blades allow the instrument to be used sub-gingivally on the trickiest root surfaces throughout the entire mouth. This helps to reduce potential tissue trauma and improve patient comfort.

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Colour:Rescue Red

PDT are amongst the lightest hand instruments on the market and renowned for being thinner, sharper and harder wearing.

Manufactured from medical-grade stainless steel, each PDT blade is carefully crafted using a combination of heat treatment and cryogenics. This blend ensures the blades possess a uniform molecular grain structure, resulting in sturdier, more durable instruments that require sharpening less often.

The ergonomically designed resin handle is designed to meet the demands of the modern dental practice. Each instrument weighs only 13 grams and features extended knurling for greater control and improved manoeuvrability which allows for superior tactile sensitivity during use.

“This is the sharpest curette I have ever used. The tip is outstanding for removal of granulation tissue and calculus in molar furcations.”

Dr. Robert Horowitz, Periodontist NYU College, USA

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Carly Longbottom
100% of 100
I love the Queen of Hearts I simply love all the instruments especially my Montana jack (obviously) my Langers and the set of Graceys. But also in the correct area I love the queen of hearts! Carly Longbottom RDH
Greta Compton
100% of 100
Must have for all hygiene kits The "queen of hearts " is a must for all hygiene kits. This sleek elegantly crafted hand instrument with its uniquely shaped universal tip is a joy to use, making light work of even the most tenacious sub gingival deposits. This is one of the finest quality hand instruments I have ever used and I would give it a 5 star rating. Greta Compton EDH
Sarah Cooke
100% of 100
Took a couple of sessions to get used to. I purchased a queen of hearts perio curette from Swallow because it was different and I hadn't seen it before ,it took a couple of sessions to get use to the different angle and the curvature of the blade, but now I wouldn't be parted from it and like the Montana Jack Swallow instruments are very comfortable to work with and are worth investing in. The company as a whole take pride in what they sell you and help you to make the right choice they will listen to your comments and criticisms. I haven't been disappointed with the high standard of service I have received from The Swallow team over the years or with their instruments, and would happily recommend them to my colleagues . Star rating 5 for both instruments. Sarah Cooke RDH
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