W&H WS-75L 20:1 Surgical Contra-Angle Handpiece


The W&H WS-75 L Surgical Contra-Angle Handpiece combines ergonomic perfection with intuitive design to deliver exceptional performance.   

By incorporating fatigue-free operation with a mini-LED+ that provides daylight-quality illumination, the WS-75 L is perfectly suited to meet the demands of modern dental practices.

Easily dismantlable for thorough cleaning, this handpiece is made from scratch-resistant stainless steel, making it both robust and ultra-durable.

Why Choose the WS-75 L Contra-Angle

  • Matched to Implantmed SI-1023
  • Optimal illumination at all stages of the work
  • Fatigue-free working thanks to ergonomic balance
  • Robust and long service life due to high-quality stainless steel with scratch-resistant coating
  • Work with daylight quality
  • Can be dismantled for thorough cleaning
  • Thermo washer disinfectable and sterilisable

Only for W&H Implantmed SI-1023 2016

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Key Features

Fatigue-Free Working

Combination with the ultra-short EM-19 electric motor allows long periods of work without fatigue.

Optimum Cooling and Illumination

Optimum cooling - By halving the size of a normal LED, the mini LED+ offers optimum illumination of the treatment site.

Optimum illumination - There are spray clips available for the left and right. This means that cooling can be adapted to the individual requirements.


  • Specially for preparation of the implant site and implant insertion

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Handpiece: Contra-Angle

Optic: Yes

Gear ratio: 20:1

Dismantlable: Yes

Spray type: Triple Spray

Chuck system: Hexagon

Coupling system: W&H EM-19 LC / EM-19

Bur Type: Surgical burs and cutters with FG shank Ø 2.35 mm

Cooling system: Kirschner/Meyer internal bur cooling system

Max drive speed: 50,000 min-1

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